Friday, September 28, 2012

The Long Absence might have noticed it's been, oh, eleven months or thereabouts since my last post. "What have you been doing?" you may ask. "Where have you been for so long? I missed your treasury posts and tutorials and seeing what you were working on!" Or maybe you didn't. Sorry I disappeared for ever so long. I was working on my largest and most important project yet:

Her name is Amelia and she is now two months old.  I hope, now, that you understand my absence.   If that is not a good enough reason for you ("Why didn't you post during pregnancy?" you ask, indignant).   Well, I had morning sickness worse than you can ever imagine.  By the time that was over, there was a baby to prepare for, and by the time preparing for the baby was over, there was, well, a baby.  

So what does this mean for my blog? My art? My life?  No worries.  While little A has become the center of my world, I refuse to become one of those moms where she is the only thing in my world.  It does mean the scope of my art will probably change, and certainly how much time to create it (I've already experienced the thrill of speed-printing while rocking a whimpering baby with my foot).  And certainly this blog is going to change.  After all, I find it hard enough to schedule a shower these days, let alone blog posts.  

From here on out, things are going to be a lot more freeform around here.  No more Treasury Tuesdays and Feature Fridays, or whatever I had going before. Besides, did you really enjoy all those Treasury Tuesdays?  It got a little tedious, didn't it?  Yes, yes.  I thought so.  

So, now, I'll write when I write and I plan to actually write.  It will still be about art and craft, but now it's going to be about art and craft while trying to juggle being a mom.  Also, I've been nagging my wiz of a graphic designer husband and hopefully we'll have a new look (and new location) coming soon.  

Big changes are coming, friends.  And some are already here. 


  1. Welcome back. To the Interwebospheromaticgramopticon, I mean.

    For the doubters, I can vouch that the recent CursiveArts project was a massive undertaking but well worth the wait.

  2. Congratulation and welcome back!
    Everyday Inspired