Thursday, February 7, 2013

Big Plans & Updates for 2013

Let's see if I can get this cranked out before the little pink thing wakes up.  

Do you want the good new or the bad first?  The bad?  Okay.

The Bad News

Okay, it's really not that bad, unless your cheap, in which case you probably never buy any of my cards anyway.   Effective February 15th, I will be raising the prices of all single cards in my shop by fifty cents, from $3.50 per card to an even $4.00.  Prices of all sets will be raised accordingly, though I have not determined exact pricing yet.  That said, sets will still be the most cost effective way to buy more than one card.  I already readjusted my shipping prices to reflect the USPS' recent postage increases, so my shipping rates will not be changing.  A little good news, though:  I will be reducing the cost of all my 8x10 block prints to $17.50.  Not a huge price drop, but hey, it's something, right?  

The Good News

I'm going to be focusing less on block printing and starting to move back toward illustration more.  My recent posting of my latest series of Art-O-mat illustrations on my Facebook page was met with much more response than I have gotten in a long time.  It has shown me where I need to be putting my efforts and I thank you all for the support I received for all those tiny little drawings.  

So what's the plan?  I am going to see how feasible it is to have some of my older illustrations printed from digital images I have (hopefully with the help of my lovely husband, color corrector extraordinaire and owner/operator over at Nightowl Pictures).  If successful, I will get some prints done and put them up for sale in my shop.  In the meantime, I will also be working on new illustrations and some new version of old ideas.  

And of course, I have an ultimate goal in mind.  If the sales of said prints go well, I intend to invest in a high quality printer and start doing them myself, hopefully making illustration my full time job, while producing art that's still affordable to you guys.  And this way, I can actually hold onto some of the originals.  I know there are certainly some paintings I regretted giving away over the years.  

If you'd like to be of assistance, I would love to hear which of my old artworks you loved the best and would like to own a print of.  Where to start?  Try right here and here.  Easiest way to let me know?  Comment on the pictures you like.  Thanks again!


  1. I like all of your drawings, but especially the tree ones. Might I suggest that you pick a variety of colors to reproduce so you can appeal to a wide array of decor? When someone likes your art, they will pick a color they like too.

  2. Raising the price is not always bad because consumers based their judgement on the product. If they feel that it's worth the price, they'll will support your product. Anyway, having your own high-quality printer is a good investment; it will save you money in printing. Plus, you will be able to print out as many pieces as you want that can help to increase your sale. - Chin Portillo @