Sunday, March 20, 2011

Stuff I Love

I remember when I stared this blog oh-so-long ago (you know, way back in January), I did a post or two just linking to a few things I really love on Etsy.  I think I will do that again tonight, just for the hell of it.  So, without further ado, some cool stuff I have found recently, with no rhyme or reason.
I have no use for edible ladybugs, but I have fond memories of catching ladybugs in the schoolyard at recess in elementary school and this is so realistic, it's amazing.

If I had found this wedding cake topper sooner, I probably would have ordered it for our wedding.  My fiance is a huge dinosaurs lover and still has a lot of the books on dinos he owned as a child, and I myself had a brief dino obsession when I was about six, between Calico Critters and getting into Barbies.

I loved dollhouses as a kid and still do.  If I had this, I would probably play in it, despite the fact that I am nearly thirty years old.  Also, I think this would be really fun to build.  Will totally be buying this when I have kids.

Huh. I guess this did have a theme after all. Childhood.


  1. I was just scanning over and i saw these great pictures. I like the ladybug picture, i think it would be great to have that in a painting! The other 2 looks nice as well! Well, i just dropped by, great pictures!...Daniel

  2. That dollhouse is SO cool! I used to have one as a kid, not nearly that detailed, but I loved it. I would still play with a dollhouse if I could. There's so much imagination involved. That particular dollhouse is going to go to a really lucky child.