Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Stuff I'd Love To Try: Recycled Magazine Coasters

I have a ton of magazines around my house.  From the free year subscription of Real Simple (my personal favorite magazine) to my husband's issues of Game Infomer to all the copies of Glamour my sister got me for Christmas last year, I am continually tossing magazines in the recycling bin.

Being the artsy type (obviously), every time I have to toss another one in the bin to make room for the three more which have just come in the mail,  I get a little sad inside. My absolute favorite way of creating when I was a teenager was making collages.  I would get posterboard and rubber cement and cut apart all my issues of Seventeen and Cosmopolitan and make everything from color collages to dramatic poetry.  

So even now, as I am thinning the herd, I find myself thinking, what could I have made with this?  Could I have made envelopes for my cards? A new collage (for the first time in a decade)?  Could I have tried an entirely new (to me) form of artwork by saving these lovely, beautiful, colorful magazines?  And then I toss them in the recycling....

Recycled Magazine Coaster Tutorial
Then I came across this tutorial on How About Orange, a blog full of wonderful crafty, upcycled craziness, and so now, every time I go to toss out more magazines I stop and think, maybe next time I'll make coasters...and just maybe I will. 

I haven't yet, but now that I've posted this, maybe one of you will.  And if any of you tries sealing them (with Mod Podge, perhaps?), let me know how it goes. 


  1. Cool idea. I always feel guilty about tossing my art magazines in the recycle bin.

    (And I love 'Real Simple' too, although I think perhaps it's neither real nor simple :)