Wednesday, February 9, 2011

First Official Giveaway Wednesday

Starting today and continuing the tradition on every second Wednesday of every month (barring vacation, illness or unforeseen whatever), I will be doing a giveaway here on my blog. I'll try to make it something different every month.  This month we'll be starting with a set of four of my brand new Fiddlehead Fern cards (so new they aren't even in my Etsy store yet):

The rules are as follows:
1.  You must go to my Etsy store here, find something you love and post a link to it in the comments.
2.  You have until noon on Friday, February 11th.  
3.  You may not be a family member, soon-to-be-family member or close personal friend.  I'll just ignore your comment.  You may also not comment more than once.  Repeat comments will be deleted.
4.  After noon on Friday I will count up all the comments and use a random number generator to determing the winner, who will then be emailed, and once reached via email, will also be announced here on the blog.  
5.  In the event the winner has not been contacted in 48 hours, I will generate a new number and pick a new winner. If THAT person, doesn't respond, I'll presume the Universe wants me to keep the cards.

Let the commenting begin!

ADDENDUM:  Rule Number Three only applies to super-super-close friends. If I don't hang out with you on a weekly basis, rule three doesn't apply to you.  It's basically for people I would give free stuff to anyway.


  1. Adore this!

  2. Love this one:

  3. Not sure that I am elegible, but I loved rule #5 and wanted to share! LOL

    Here is my pick:

    Simple, but gets the message across.

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  5. Hard to pick just one! Love this one.

  6. This is my favorite! love the paper cuts

  7. I love this from your Etsy shop:

  8. This is my fav:

    Great giveaway idea!