Monday, February 28, 2011

Monday Spotlight On: Alisa of ArtbyAlisaSteady

I found Alisa how I find most of my interviewees: my Etsy teams.  Another member of Etsy Entrepreneurs and a talented illustrator and traditional artist, she jumped at the opportunity and I'm happy to have had the chance.

Tell us a bit about yourself.
I was born in a Hoosier in Indianapolis, IN. My family moved to Madison, WI shortly after I was born and we lived there until I was seven. Then we moved to a town north of Chicago, IL where I survived my formative years.  I always painted and drew pictures for birthday gifts and home decorations (especially around Halloween and Christmas time), then attended the American Academy of Art in Chicago, IL, and am now trying to pursue art full time.

What's your medium and how did you get into it?
It all started with a desire to paint with something that squirted out of a tube. So happened to be a sale on watercolor pigment - in a tube. Then when I went to art school, my teachers who I admired painted in watercolor and I fell in love with the medium. I am also having a love affair with acrylics, too (which come in bigger tubes!).

What's your favorite thing you made and why?
My favorite thing I made was a poster size Ravinia poster for the 1997 season. There was a contest in all the Chicago art schools, and my poster won fourth place. I created it out of vinyl - but it has since been destroyed in a basement flood.

What is the one piece of art you wish you'd been the creator of and why?
Hm, that's a tough one. I would say the Sistine Chapel by Michaelangelo. I admire his discipline painting non-stop for four years, even by candle light, on his back. The sheer discipline and will to get it done is staggering.

If you had to give up the medium you work in now and take on another what would it be/why?
I would take on FIMO clay. It would be very cool to create art in 3-D using a whole differnt set of skills.

If you could have one piece of your work owned by one person living / dead, who would it be and why?  Sammy Davis, Jr. I love the Rat Pack era (early 60's when Vegas was untouchable), and I admire him as a performer and individual. In a different dimension, to think that he liked one of my pieces enough to purchase and hang in his home would send me over the moon.

An important piece of advice you've learned along the way. 
The most important thing I've learned is stick to it. Take advantage of Etsy's treasuries and create your own; become involved with like-minded teams; and buy Etsy. I believe in karma, and if you buy a treasure from another gifted artist, your beautiful art will be purchased in kind. And remember, great customer service is the key. Be certain that whatever little piece of art you created that is sent out the door is the best representation of who you are as an artist and business owner. 

One random thing you would like to add, that's not covered here.
Even if you're not business-minded (like me), go with your instincts. Mirror those artists you admire. And don't be afraid to seek guidance from your contacts. It's amazing what you will learn.

Hello, readers! I will be gone travelling this week to Florida, to help finish the planning of my upcoming wedding and so there will be no Treasury Tuesday or any other regular blog posts until at least Friday.  I am hoping I will have the time, while gone, to write the Friday Feature and post it when I return that evening (if not I'll try to do it on Saturday).   Thanks for reading and have a wonderful week, everyone!


  1. Very nice interview Alisa...Congrats to you.

  2. Good interview! I appreciate the advice, Alisa

    That's wonderful about the wedding!