Friday, February 4, 2011

Signs of Grief: Productive Insanity

I have been very productive with my art in the last week.  Anyone that follows my Etsy or my Facebook has seen me post link and link to block print after block print.  Yellow and brown bunny cards, purple tulips, berries in gold and crimson.  I've been posting and Facebooking and photographing.  My studio is an utter and complete mess.

See where I put my artist proofs/test prints?  I just cram them between a couple of blocks and the window, to be filed at some random point in the future. 

And I have been organizing my photographed cards by piling them on my futon.  Obviously, putting things away is not my strong suit.

However, productivity is a good thing, right?  Yes, it is, even in this situation.  Especially in this situation.

My boss, a huge gym rat, was talking this morning about how all the barriers he could not pass this week in weight-lifting, he has just blown through like no one's business.  And here I am putting out more cards than I have in a month, while also managing to photograph and get them up online in a matter of hours.  This is unheard of for me.

And for both of us, it's fueled by one thing: the fact that, in just a week now, the place we love and work will be closing.  I am actually glad that something positive has come out of this.  Perhaps I will, after all, be able to focus enough to turn art into something financially helpful, if I can keep this fire burning.  

I find it amazing how the human mind works, that it will take something horrible or sad or depressing and turn it in to something positive and beautiful.  It's actually really freakin' awesome.  Every day I am awed by the capacity for adaptation in our species. 

Also, I know what I'll be doing on my first day of unemployment: cleaning my studio. 

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