Friday, July 1, 2011

Stuff I Love: Bunnies

Okay, actually my husband loves bunnies.  Yes, I do too, because it's pretty much impossible not to think bunnies are adorable.  Everytime I find something really awesome that is rabbit-related on Etsy, I email it to him.  Now, I'm going to share a couple with you!

French Bulldog and Bunnies Letterpress
I love this card from BonVivantPress because I think Frenchies are almost as adorable as bunnies (and have the same ears)!

Velveeten Rabbit Handpainted Necklace

"The Velveteen Rabbit" is a wonderful book and this little pendant from tuckandmoocow is just as sweet.

Happy Encounter
This is just one of a lovely series from naokosstoop all featuring the little red-hooded girl and her white bunny companion.  I picked this one because I especially love sea turtles.

Action Bunny
This last one, from corduroy is so lovable because he looks like he really is in mid-tromp across the wood.  

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  1. The bulldog/ bunny card is lovely. I like the embossing.