Friday, July 22, 2011

Stuff I Love: Maps

I love maps, and am sorry to see they're slowly going the way of the GPS.  I remember, on road trips as a kid, I would always be the one to navigate my my mom, sitting in the backseat, tracing my finger over the curving lines in some Rand McNally atlas that was nearly as large as I was.  At least old maps are finding good reuse these days.

Map Heart Sticker Seals from InkWhimsy
Eire Ireland County Map by SummitRidge
United States Circa 1492 by Nickagin


  1. I'll miss old highway maps, too, though one positive trade-off of the digital map age is the pure awesomeness of Google Earth. And I suspect there will always be a place for the kinds of maps National Geographic publishes (that once lined all my walls when I was a kid).

    Then again, my favorite maps are of nonexistent places. Good luck displacing this map or this one or this one or this one, Mr. GPS! Ha! Oh, hey, try turning at the next left here, you stoopid dashboard smarty-pants gadget!


    Sorry. Got a little carried away. Just meant to link to one Middle Earth thingie and went kind of nuts, instead. Sorry. Happens. Please forgive.

  2. I love maps too... hence all the ones in my shop!

  3. There is something about maps that gets my heart racing too. Maybe it's the sense of adventure and new findings that they hold, or just the mix of muted colors that please the eye...whatever it is - I love 'em too.