Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Stuff I Love: Ancient Egypt

It all harkens back to sixth grade, when we spent half the year studying the whole of Ancient Egypt, from mummies to pyramids to the gods and the Nile.  We even went to the Egyptian Rosacrucian museum in San Jose (I grew up in the Bay Area) and to this day it still remains one of my favorite museums.  The beauty and the mystery of that long-gone civilization has always stuck with me and it's my dream to one day go visits the pyramids and Nile.  But until then, here are a few Etsy finds, that will keep both you and me in the spirit of all things Egyptian.

Hand-drawn map of Ancient Egypt

KZieglerDesign has shown up here before and will show up here again, but right now her beautiful map of Egypt really fits the bills.  Hang it on your wall and fantasize about how far your reign would spread if you were a pharaoh in Egypt (and yes, women can be pharaohs too).

18k White Gold Anubis Ring
This ring from Arosha is an absolutely stunning interpretation of the jackal-headed god Anubis.   A beautiful melding of the present with the past, this clean, elegant ring would look good on a man or woman.

Cleopatra Silk Bolero Shrug
Okay, okay.  This shrug from Spicy Toast is also going to show up again tomorrow on Treasury Thursday, but I loved it so much I had to put it here, too.  It is so different and yet so wonderfully simple.  I would wear this in a heartbeat on a cool autumn night over a black tank and a pair of great jeans, with some super-high copper colored heels.  

Aqua and Gold Egyptian Earrings
This earrings from TheSolarium are perfectly styled like an Egyptian cartouche, which is a royal name encapsulated in an ellipse, and I have no idea what these earrings actually say in hieroglyphics, if anything, but they are sure to make you feel a but more regal in their wearing.


  1. Great post! thank you for featuring my ring! I love Egyptian too, and find it a great source of inspiration for my designs


  2. Thank you for featuring my earrings! :)

  3. Thanks for featuring my map! Love all this other stuff too! My love for ancient Egypt knows no bounds... :D

  4. Gorgeous finds. Ancient Egypt will continue to be forever awesome. :)