Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Stuff I Love: Telling Tiny Stories

Guess you should have seen it coming, eh?

I never really had a 'real' dollhouse as a kid, not even a Barbie Dreamhouse.  I remember lusting after every dollhouse I'd see and often buil them out of things I had lying around: small furniture and cushions and other toys.  Even now, when I go the craft store and see those boxes of dollhouses to assemble, miniature Victorians and Queen Annes and Cape Cods galore, I still want them but am (a) too poor to afford them and (b) know I have nowhere to put one.  Perhaps the reason I always hope we'll have a little girl one day is so I have a genuine excuse to get one.    Here are a few (and their accessories) I'd consider.

Ravenwing Cottage Witch's Dollhouse
I know this is called a witch's dollhouse, but if I were the little girl playing with it, it would be one of those stories about an orphan who goes to live with some distant aunt or gets adopted by some old lady (very L. M. Montgomery) only to find her true home.

Modern Dollhouse Ikea-style bookcase
A bookcase that looks like something out of an IKEA catalog, right next to what appears to be an Eames chair.  This tells me I'm not the only adult out there with a desire to decorate in miniature.  With doll furniture like this and the dollhouse to match (probably one of the ones I posted yesterday), you could actually display it in the open and just tell your friend your an architecture and design fanatic (then bring out the actual dolls when everyone goes home)!

Tudor Lady Porcelain Doll
This gorgeous creation makes me wish I had a doll castle and a doll king.  I'd name her Anne for the queen she closely resembles, but I would make the story end up happily, without any sorts of beheading or divorces.  Then again, there was always drama amongst the dolls when I was little....

Decorative Interior House
This house isn't so much a dollhouse, as a yardhouse, meant to sit in the yard and be a place for faeries to live.  But then, I don't think you really need to be able to stick dolls in it to use it for what dollhouses have been assissting in for so many years: the art of storytelling.  This one, with it's vintage looks and ability to light up a night outside, would be the inspiration for a lot of stories.   And, as I said, just because we can't get in, doesn't mean the faeries can't.

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  1. Anne's modern miniatures are amazing...if I had a real dollhouse, I'd own some for sure. :) If you want to start small, you could always make a little scene in a fish bowl or old milk crate. That would be easier to stash away.