Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Stuff I Love: Art

I wish I had more room to put art on the walls and the money to put it there, and perfect frames to put it all in.  Here are a few of the things I'd get, given the chance.

Pearl by AmberAlexander
Anyone who's seen one of my sketchbooks knows I love drawing Rococo era ladies in their tall wigs and gorgeous gowns, so of course this lovely Marie Antoinette-style woman with her friendly rodent companion, by Amber Alexander, hits me right where I art.

Steam and Sails by EllyMackay

Okay, anyone who has ever read my blog has probably seen Mackay's work before.  I love her stuff and actually already own two of her prints. Recently, though, she came out with a new series featuring steamboats which I love just as much as her other stuff and which somehow seems just as magical even though its a simple city and water scene.

May by ErinTyner

Erin Tyner's work has shown up here before as well, in the SIL about miniature.  I find her photography of train model figures in little landscapes slightly surrealist, breathtaking and beautiful (and yes, photography is art).

Winter Rains by Kecky
This print from Kristin Kemper was one of the first things I favorited once I got into Etsy, and even now I still love it. It evokes everything it is supposed to.  I look at it and think of winter and coldness and rain and stillness.  It moves me in a way there aren't quite words for.  As a matter of fact, every piece I've selected today, evokes emotion in me, invokes a part of me.  After all, isn't that what good art should do?

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