Thursday, May 19, 2011


It's amazing that I've managed to get anything done this week, with the puppy parade going on at my house. I'm pet-sitting my mom's retriever mix who, at maybe 8 months old, is easily twice the size of my dog. He's a big lumbering galoot, and she loves having one around to play with, so everytime I sit down to do something, I am accosted by the thunder of doggie feet as they run around me in circles. I never get very far before I have to take them out or calm them down or feed them.

However, I have managed, amongst all the canine thunder, to carve out one card so far: the ampersand card. That ever-familiar 'and' symbol that has mostly been relegated to formal writing only is one of my favorite symbols and I love everything it represents, a world of infinite possiblity. So I drew up a simple version of it and printed it on cards.
Ampersand Cards

And even now, as I finish up this post, the dogs are growling incessantly as they play tug-of-war with each other.  If I'm lucky they'll wear themselves out and I'll have this afternoon to work.

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