Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Illustration Friday #1 (On Wednesday)

A few weeks ago, I was using my favorite boredom web-tool, StumbleUpon, when I came across a website called IllustrationFriday. The general premise of this website is that every Friday they assign a simple topic and you have until just before the next Friday to upload it to whatever web browser and link it on their site. Then, everyone looks at it and 'oohs' and 'ahs' or maybe they don't.  Basically, it's just a fun little weekly drawing challenge and, frankly, I could use more of those.

So this past Friday, the topic was "Asleep."  Here is what I drew (Tuesday night).  Please excuse the poor photograph (it was taken with my cell phone by the light on my nightstand).

Rather than draw a person sleeping, I drew a tree, as that is what (in my opinion) they do all winter, every winter, just like bears.

I plan (hope) to keep up with this, though in the future, I am hoping to make Illustration Friday actually on Friday and draw the topic on the day I receive it, so people on Illustration Friday have all week to gawk.


  1. i love it! it's so simple yet really whimsical and dreamy... really lovely!

  2. Very cool take on the topic.