Saturday, May 14, 2011

Art in the Family

Today is going to be an awesome day, in spite of the fact that I am probably going to get no art work done, not a scratch, not a sketch, not a print. 

All of my aunts and uncles on my mom's side are in-town for my grandfather's 80th birthday, some of which I have not seen in over a decade, and very few of which I have seen at the same time in the nearly seventeen years since we moved from the West Coast, where most of them live.

It's a great, crazy wonderful family.  My mom is who I inherited my artistic abilities from, and there is a bit of it among the rest.  My Uncle Fred, for example, is a fabulous photographer who has managed to make a living off his work (he's a stock photographer, not a fine art photographer, but nonetheless, he takes beautiful pictures).  

My husband has met only the one uncle and aunt who live here in town.  I also, admittedly, delight in the idea that he's going to be bombarded with my family all at once.  And after all that happens, he is going to have a busy evening himself.  

One of his short films, "Exit Interview," is being shown in a Filmmaker's Showcase by the local film and photgraphy society, the Light Factory.  If you are curious about my husband's work, you can find out the most about it here at the website for his production company (really, it's a one-man show, but a very talented one-man show).  If you check out anything, check out his demo reels.  It's a great way to see his capability and understand better what goes into post-production (if you care a wit about film).  

I guess art is just in my family, by marriage and by blood.

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