Sunday, June 19, 2011

Illustration Friday #4(.2)

I know, I know, I know.  I already did this and I said I didn't believe in using something made for another purpose for the Illustration Friday thing....but this particular painting was done after I received this week's theme and it just seemed to fit so well.  (Reminder: the theme is launch.)

I haven't named it yet.  I was going to call is "Escape" but I have to admit, I'm liking "Launch" better.  It's done technically a mixed media piece (the sailboat was hand drawn and collaged in) but it's mostly acrylics.

I love this painting because it was so unintentional and came out so well.  I started painting on the panel, fully intending to paint some of my usual trees and weird plants, and there I was spackling blue and white paint on with a filbert (my most favorite of brush shapes), when suddenly I just knew it had to be a seascape instead.  Then I started painting the sea and knew there had to be an island looming. I painted the island and knew there had to be a boat (and that the boat needed to be paper, not painted on).  It was a painting that just felt right to do from start to finish so I had to share.

The whole reason I did this painting by the way is for the upcoming Community Mosaic at Seed Gallery in Winston-Salem, by the way, so if you live up that way, you should go when it opens.  There'll be more on that later.


  1. This painting is so calming and relaxing to look at, beautiful

  2. What a tranquil scene. Very soothing.