Friday, June 10, 2011

Stuff I Love: Pattern + Use = Awesome

I was really, really hoping to get my illustration for Illustration Friday done on Friday.  But it's not going to happen (at least not until it's so late in the day it's practically Saturday anyway).  My in-laws were over moving out old stuff they had stored here all afternoon and I still have photos of new items to edit, and my husband and I have date night tonight (we're going to see "Super 8", the new J. J. Abrams movie).  So I'm just going to throw out a few things that are beautifully patterned (I love simple patterns).

Queen Anne Chairs

First, I love the simple chevron pattern on this reupholstered yellow chairs from Nenavon, who has all kinds of wonderful patterns and fabrics on everything from pillows to curtains in her shop.  I think one of the most beautiful things you can do is taking something vintage like this and give it a modern vibe.  The black and white makes it so simple and cool.

Antique Lace Jotter

Love this Jotter from WitandWhistle.   Once again, vintage look with modern use.  This is something I could see carrying around in my purse to sketch out little print ideas when they come to me.  WitandWhistle's shop is full of all kinds of wonderful paper goods (and they're also from NC).  

Cup and Saucer with Blue Lattice
Ah, pottery, my second love.  Go through my favorites and you're bound to find dozens of handmade plates, cups, bowls and vases.  I admire people who can sculpt use out of clay, especially if they can put as pretty as pattern as DawnDishawCeramics has.  All of their bowls, cups and saucers are equally beautiful and equally intricate. 

I really believe some of the best things in life are both gorgeous and functional.

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