Monday, June 6, 2011

Monday Spotlight On: Amanda Brandenberg of Ninth Street Notions

We're going to be doing things a little differently this lovely Monday morning.  Instead of interviewing a crafter about her shop, I'm asking our test subject, Amanda, about her blog instead.  (Though she also has an Etsy shop, which you'll find the link to at the end). I truly believe writing is just as much of an art as anything I've mentioned on my blog.  A resident of Oregon, she lives with her husband and a little dog too!

Tell us three things about yourself. 
I have a BA in English from Eastern Oregon University. My favorite color is orange. And I’m afraid of squirrels. (It’s true – I was once attacked by one.)
What’s your medium and how did you get into it? 
I craft and sew, but my main passion is blogging.
What’s your favorite post you’ve made? 
It would probably have to be "Why I Gave Up On Sewing". This post was personal and important to me because I was just getting back into sewing again. I received a lot of comments from people with similar struggles.

From where do you take inspiration? 
I like to look around at what is going on in my life – my projects and activities. But I also like to see what other people are dealing with and write from there, too.
Name one blog you wish you’d created and why? 
A travel blog because I really love to travel and experience new cultures. Unfortunately my budget does not cover everything I’d like to write about.
What are you doing when you’re not blogging or crafting? 
I do a lot of volunteer teaching with young ones in my community.
If you had to give up your medium and pursue another, what would it be and why? 
Perhaps be a preschool teacher. I love kids at that age – they’re so full of wonder and excitement, and I’d love to capture that every day.
Tell us about a time you were writing something that came out better than expected and how it happened. This goes all the way back to college days, before I was into blogging. I wrote an autobiographical piece that was anchored in the concept of time. It took me a couple of drafts. I then took it and submitted it to The Nature of Words writing contest in the non-fiction category and actually won! I try to keep that same autobiographical touch even though I mostly write about crafts, sewing, and cooking.
Who is one person living or dead, famous or not, who you wish read your blog and why? 
Jane Austen
. Her writing was so ahead of its time in terms of gender roles and equality. I wonder what she would have to say about a woman living in one of the most free periods of time trying to learn all of these fantastic old-fashioned skills.

© Karen Cox 2010

What’s your favorite part of the process? 
Pressing “Post.” I love the feeling of having finished a piece of writing and sending it out there into the great unknown to be (hopefully!) discovered by someone else.
One random thing you think people should know.
 I usually blog in my jammy-jams. It’s so relaxing to be in your pajamas and working.
Your blog address/facebook/Twitter/blog/website. Etc.
If you could go anywhere on Earth at any point in time, where and when would you go and why? Nineteenth-century England. As you may have noticed, I have a bit of obsession with Victorian England’s writers, skills, and lifestyle. I think I might even like wearing corsets if it meant I got to wear really cool dresses, too. It would be so interesting to be in the midst of the Industrial Revolution, along with the cultural and philosophical questions that were coming up at the time.

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