Friday, June 17, 2011

Stuff I Love (And My In-laws Love More): My Dog, Luca

I though I would do something a little different and rather than writing about art or cards or marketing or Etsy today, write about a little adventure I had yesterday. 

My in-laws live just a street over from us and my dude-in-law has grown an amazing garden this summer in his front yard (not enough sunlight in the back).  It's barely gotten going and already they spent all spring eating fresh lettuce and are just getting started on squash on just-ripening tomatoes.   He just discovered his green beans are going wild, so heavy on the plant there's no way he and my mother-in-law can eat them all before they rot off the vine.  So around three yesterday I walked over there to go pick some with my fluffy little puppy, Luca.

This is Luca's super-hungry-cute face.

 As soon as I arrive over there, pup-in-tow, they spend their usual ten minutes oohing and aaahing over how adorable their grandpuppy is, and then announce we're going to SuperBigChainMart.  For what?  A kiddie pool for Luca, who is apparently just so hot in her fur coat that she is begging to go for a swim.  (She tells her grandparents a lot of things she neglects to tell me and my husband, like that she needs steak, pork, treats and even more toys than she already has).   So we went to the store and bought her a ten dollar kiddie pool (Luca is, very conveniently toddler-sized).

She loved it...sort of.

It was more the hose spraying in it, she really loved.

It was worth the cost to see her running in circles around the pool, trying to get the hose, occasionally splashing through it.  My dude-in-law remarked that if they had a full size pool, he knows she'd swim in it.  I wonder how long before they build one for the dog.

If this is how they spoil our dog, I wonder what's going to happen when we have children.

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