Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Stuff I Love: Good Penmanship

One of my friends told me recently that there is a school district in Indiana that is replacing the time spent in third grade classes teaching cursive with teaching keyboarding. I didn't believe it was true, but I found the article here about that particular school district and another in USAToday about whether cursive is worth teaching anymore.

Well, I personally love penmanship.  I've always loved writing in cursive, and definitely consider it an art form that should not be lost, so here are a few things that really show how beautiful it can be.

Chelsie Style Calligraphy

The above is handwritten custom calligraphy from DesignsbyRobynLove, who does beautiful work for wedding envelopes and probably whatever else you need.

Bonjour necklace

Written in beautiful script in the world's most romantic language! This necklace and host of others available from Piano Bench Designs.   You can even get one that says 'crap' in cursive.

Vintage ABC Handwriting Book

Finally, practice your own cursive with this handwriting book from Every Eskimo.  I have to admit i'm have tempted to buy it myself, but I think the students in Indiana could probably use it more than I.  

After all, my handwriting is near perfect. 

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